Studying Research Dynamics of an Author with Timed Filters

A very interesting topic in research about science is the chronological dynamic of publications. The question of interest is how a specific scientist is developing with respect to his publications and with respect to his network. In order to study publications dynamics, the prloudos_2001esented graph program can filter the publication date of the drawn nodes and edges with a before and after filter.

For presentation purposes, a bibtex database available in the internet was chosen from the Biomedical Simulations and Imaging Laboratory at NTUA, Athens, Greece. The relationsships of George Loudos, now Assistand Professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering, TEIATH, Greece are studied and plotted for the folllowing three graphs. His scientific career started in 2000, when he had two conference publications.

One year later, he already has 9 publications and a much broader network. On the one hand, we see a group of people which contributed to 7 out of his 9 publications in this period. This seems to be the PhD colleagues ind his group, who either had a close collaboration and a shared topic or who just put their names on each others publications. On the other hand, we see a new connection to authors with a high number of publications on the left side. These seems to be important guys in this field, George Matsopoulos for example was a professor in the field of computer science.


Timed filters offers a powerful and intuititive tool which gives detailed information how an author build up his network and which people are involved in his research. As shown in the last figures, his major buddies can be identified by scientists which share many or most of the publications. Important contributors and Scientist with higher rank are shown by authors with a high number of publications but a low number of relations.

Which kind of research you would like to conduct? Send me your bibtex file and I can present the outcomes in this blog.


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